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What loans grant us more than 5,000 euros?

The variety of products in the financial market is huge, especially in terms of credits. It is possible to find products with very varied characteristics, so it is advisable to know the different types of loans with which to get more than 5,000 euros. Your application process, the amount we can get and the requirements that these credits have to vary from one type to another:

  • Personal loans: they are the classic and most popular financing products. We can get them both through the bank (the most usual option) and through a financial establishment of credit or a private equity company. They allow obtaining very bulky amounts and very long amortization periods. The price of these loans will vary depending on the term, amount and purpose of the loan, as well as the entity to which we turn. In this case, banks and financial credit institutions are usually the cheapest. The average APR ranges between 8 and 10%.
  • P2P Loans: offered by crowdlending platforms, the main difference between these credits lies in the processing process. To obtain these loans we will have to resort to a P2P platform that will put our project in the hands of private investors, who will be the ones who decide without investing in it or not. With this type of financing, we can obtain amounts similar to those of previous loans, with an acceptance period that usually does not exceed two weeks. The cost of financing will depend on the level of risk that the platform assigns us once it analyzes the data that we provide in the online application form.
  • Loans with mortgage guarantee: these loans require that we deposit a house as a guarantee of payment. The lender will give us a percentage of the value of the property, so we can get much larger amounts than with other loans, reaching up to 350,000 euros. The repayment term of these credits can reach 20 years, with the possibility of requesting shortages of several years. Its price ranges between 10% and 12% APR.

Depending on our financing needs or our profile as a borrower, we can opt for a type of loan of more than 5,000 euros or another. It is important to remember that the loans with mortgage guarantee must be contracted with spatial responsibility since a default could cause the lender to execute the seizure of the property deposited as collateral.

What are the requirements to get a credit of 5,000 euros?

The conditions that the lender will impose to grant us financing will always depend on the company that we go to. In the same way, the amount requested and the guarantee provided may affect the hardening of the requirements. However, these are the main characteristics that we will have to meet to obtain these loans online :

  • Be of legal age: it will be essential to overcome the age of majority, although you may even ask us to be over 21 or 25 years old to access a loan. Likewise, lenders can reject clients who are over 75 years of age at the time of the loan contract termination.
  • Reside in permanent Spain: basically because if we go to a Spanish company, it will ask us to reside within the national territory to grant us financing.
  • Have a regular income: if we look for a loan, one of the requirements that we must meet will be to enjoy regular income in our account. It would serve a payroll, a pension, self-employed income …
  • Being a current account holder: it will be necessary to have a current account in our name in order to receive the loan money that we have requested. It is important that the account is not blocked and that it accepts the receipt of transfers.
  • Do not have outstanding debts: the most common is that the financing companies reject any request that comes from a person registered in a delinquency record.

Although these are the general conditions, if we resort to loans of more than 5,000 euros with a mortgage guarantee, we will not have to justify our income and we may have unpaid registered in ASNEF. This is because, when depositing a property as a guarantee of payment, the lender will put fewer requirements to grant us financing.

What if we need a loan of fewer than 5,000 euros?

If we need loans of less than 5,000 euros, we can still go to most of the lenders we mentioned above, but not to those who have a real estate guarantee. However, we can use other types of products that will offer us financing much faster than the previous ones, with up to 4,000 euros in a matter of minutes.

These loans without endorsement are characterized by their speed to grant financing, in addition to having a much shorter term than all the loans of more than 5,000 euros that we mentioned above. Depending on their amount and term, we can divide them into two categories:

  • Minicréditos: with them, we can get up to 1,200 euros (€ 1,000 if we are new customers) quickly. Your repayment period usually does not exceed 30 days, in which we will have to return the loaned capital and the fees in a single payment. These products offer us immediate financing, being able to count on the money in our account in less than 15 minutes. The average cost of these loans is 1.1% per day.
  • Quick credits: they have a speed of concession very similar to one of the minipréstamos, but they allow us to obtain amounts of up to 4.000 euros. Its price is determined by the amount and the term that we choose, but it usually ranges between 3% and 12% per month. The term of reimbursement of these products is greater than that of the minicréditos, ranging from three months to four years.

Despite the great utility of these products, they are designed to solve a specific and urgent need for cash. It is not advisable to use these loans as a source of regular financing since their high price could cause us to end up over-indebted and unable to assume the payments of the installments.

Are there credits with ASNEF of 5,000 euros?

If our name appears in a file of defaults, we can obtain loans with ASNEF to get more than 5,000 euros. To access them, the debt that has made us appear on the delinquency list may not exceed a maximum amount established by the lender. Also, this debt cannot have a financial origin, that is, it can not come from a non-payment of the installments of another credit, a mortgage or deferred payment of the credit cards.

Another option to obtain financing if we are in ASNEF is to resort to loans with a mortgage guarantee. Most entities that offer these products will not check if our data is in the file. This is because they already have the security that they will recover the loaned capital since we will have deposited a property as a guarantee of payment.